Ibiza Dance (2014)

Ibiza Dance (2014)
  • Название альбома:  Ibiza Dance
  • Дата выхода:  2014
  • Жанр:  House, Club, Dance
  • Формат:  MP3
  • Качество:  320 kbps
  • Общее время звучания:  05:48:02
  • Исполнитель:  Сборник VA

01.Tony Wong - Born For Edm (club mix)
02.Jeeper Cussion - Green Monster
03.Paul Orwin - Dirty Little Baseline
04.Toxotis - Lonely (club mix)
05.Stark D - Behide U
06.Cloverfield, Homfeldt & Winschermann - House Of Love
07.Duque - Armonia Interior
08.Audiolove - From London To Ibiza (club mix)
09.Coolys Hotbox - Friend Of Mine (Rob Hayes club edit)
10.Frankman - Hues (A Robin Masters Orchestra rework)
11.Tedjep Soulful House - Did You Really Wait For Me
12.Soul Ty - Free Your Mind
13.Vincenzo Varagone - I Miss You
14.Marko Stifler - Edm Saved My Life
15.Saket - Full Rada
16.Einstone - Without You (bikini session mix)
17.Double Deep - Welcome To My World (disco mix)
18.Fox The N3rd - Savant
19.Porter Robinson - Say My Name
20.Ian Credible - Bass Jump
21.Georges Guelters - Lumino
22.Balearic Kings - Say Oh! (instrumental mix)
23.Nova Discoteque - Nothing Wrong
24.Rada - The Yaka
25.Cherie Lily - Body (Nick Harvey club mix)
26.Nick Harvey - Midtown
27.David Marquez - Fantasma (main)
28.Good Time Federation - Come Home
29.Joshua Evangelista - Everything You Dreamed
30.Khris Rios - Absolute House
31.Eddy Chrome - In Love (double deep house remix)
32.Rob Hayes - Can't Get Enough (2013 remix)
33.Hans Justin - Let's Go Back
34.About Vegas - Hold On (extended mix)
35.Bricklake & Sean Darin - Don't You Mind (feat Herr Spiegel - club mix)
36.Sky Edwards - You Take The Feeling Away (deep house mix)
37.Groove Kings - Night Time
38.Nghtdrv - Burnin
39.Mario Castello - Freedom (extended)
40.Alex Par - Good Time
41.Jack The Cat - Mousetrap (Ibiza tool mix)
42.Secret Ibiza - Eye Contact
43.Afrochuck - Electro House Anthem (club mix)
44.Djerem - Feel The Beat
45.The Loop Of Life - Lost In Space (Galactica mix)
46.Marc Van Linden - Gotta Let You Go (feat Amanda Wilson - Ross remix)
47.Mykel Mars - Children (dance mix)
48.Filtercut - Flash (club mix)
49.Prash - Te Quiero Puta (club mix)
50.Chris Galmon & Andy Ztoned - Out Of Control (vocal mix)
51.Epic Beat - Where Have You Been Gone (club mix)
52.Clarity Of Sound - I Miss U (dub mix)
53.Dana Blade - Caliente (balearic remix)
54.Pearls Of Ibiza - I Live My Life (dub mix)
55.Rafael Galo - Another Soul (Carlo Runia remix)
56.Phunkunique - So Deep
57.Leotone - Superman (retro style)
58.Hand In Hand - Pressure
59.Tricky-D - Deep Sense
60.Superfunk vs Lucky Garcia, DJ Turtle & Aps 74 - We Are




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