Our Lips Are Sealed A Tribute To The Go Gos (2013)

Our Lips Are Sealed A Tribute To The Go Gos (2013)

1. The Slow Death – Head Over Heals
2. Lipstick Homicide – How Much More
3. Cobra Skulls – Our Lips Are Sealed
4. Gateway District – Tonite
5. Masked Intruder – We Got The Beat
6. Dan Vapid and the Cheats – Lust To Love
7. The Hot Toddies – Skidmarks On My Heart
8. Great Apes – The Whole World Lost Its Head
9. Street Eaters – Blades
10. Ann Beretta – Unforgiven
11. The Shell Corporation – This Town
12. The Blast! – Vacation
13. The Mighty Fine – We Don’t Get Along
14. Vacation Bible School – Can’t Stop The World





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