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Within Temptation: Black Symphony (2008)
  • Название альбома:  Black Symphony
  • Дата выхода:  2008
  • Жанр:  Symphonic metal
  • Качество:  DVD 9  - DVD
  • Общее время звучания:  05:50:00
  • Перевод:  English
  • Исполнитель:  Within Temptation

Краткое описание альбома Within Temptation: Black Symphony (2008)

DVD 1:
Within Temptation & Metropole Orchestra: Black Symphony. Recorded live at The Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands on February 7, 2008.

"Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)"
"The Howling"
"Stand My Ground"
"The Cross"
"What Have You Done" (with Keith Caputo)
"Hand of Sorrow"
"The Heart of Everything"
"Somewhere" (with Anneke van Giersbergen)
"The Swan Song"
"Our Solemn Hour"
"The Other Half (Of Me)" (with George Oosthoek)
"The Promise"
"Mother Earth"
"The Truth Beneath the Rose"
"Deceiver of Fools"
"All I Need"
"Ice Queen"

Backstage Report
Interviews with the band, conductor Jules Buckley, members of the orchestra, Keith Caputo and various fans outside the Ahoy. Presented by Dennis Weening.

30-minute documentary with exclusive never-seen-before footage. Interviews with band members on the band's history and on Black Symphony. Produced by the NPS, The Netherlands.

Countdown Black Symphony
A short overview of all the happenings on the day of the show, from when the production starts in the morning, until showtime in the evening.

DVD 2:
Bonus Concert Recorded live at The Beursgebouw, Eindhoven, The Netherlands on November 24, 2007.
"Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)"
"The Howling"
"The Cross"
"Hand of Sorrow"
"The Heart Of Everything"
"Our Solemn Hour"
"Mother Earth"
"Jane Doe"
"The Truth Beneath The Rose"
"All I Need"

Music Videos
What Have You Done (with Keith Caputo)
The Howling
All I Need

The Making Of...
The Howling
All I Need

World Tour Impressions
An hour of exclusive footage recorded on the road by Within Temptation in the US & Canada, Europe, Turkey, Mexico, Colombia, Japan and the UK.

TMF Awards Benelux (featuring WT's performance of What Have You Done and All I Need at the TMF Awards Belgium)
The Dutch Pop Award Show (featuring the male members of WT dressing up in dresses and receiving Holland's most important music award)
Photoshoot Erwin Olaf (very exclusive footage of Erwin Olaf working with us on the photos made for The Heart Of Everything)
Orchestra Recordings (filmed during the recording of the orchestra parts for The Heart Of Everything)

Дополнительная информация к альбому Within Temptation: Black Symphony (2008)

  • Качество: DVD 9
  • Параметры видео: PAL, 25 fps, 720/576, 8000 kb/s
  • Параметры аудио: 1- DD 2.0; 2-DD 5.1; 3- DTS 5.1
  • Размер: 7,8 ГБ и 7,7 ГБ
  • Залито на: eMule


PAL/NTSC format.

Contains Dolby Digital 2.0, 5.1 and DTS 96/24 surround sound, filmed in high definition, widescreen. Subtitled in English. Coded region-free, with a total running time of 470 minutes as it also contains both CDs of the Ahoy concert.

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Within Temptation: Black Symphony (2008) Within Temptation: Black Symphony (2008) Within Temptation: Black Symphony (2008) Within Temptation: Black Symphony (2008)

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