No.1 Fitness Chart Hits Remixed 2015 (Workout Music Remixes for Keep Fit, Running, Exercise & Gym) (2015)

No.1 Fitness Chart Hits Remixed 2015 (Workout Music Remixes for Keep Fit, Running, Exercise & Gym) (2015)

01. My Love (Workout Mix)
02. Shake It Off (Workout Mix)
03. I Got U (Workout Mix)
04. Don't Wake Me Up (Workout Mix)
05. Rather Be (Workout Mix)
06. La La La (Originally Recorded by Naughty Boy Feat. Sam Smith; Karaoke Version)
07. Changes (Workout Mix)
08. I Love It (Workout Mix)
09. Addicted to You (Workout Mix)
10. DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love (Workout Mix)
11. Sexy Bitch (Workout Mix)
12. Party Rock Anthem (Workout Mix)
13. Hideaway (Workout Mix)
14. Titanium (Workout Mix)
15. I Need Your Love (Originally Recorded by Calvin Harris Feat. Ellie Goulding; Karaoke Version)
16. Wake Me Up (Workout Mix)
17. Wrecking Ball (Workout Mix)
18. Blurred Lines ) (Workout Mix)
19. Burn (Workout Mix)
20. We Found Love (Workout Mix)
21. Feel so Close (Workout Mix)
22. Don't You Worry Child (Workout Mix)
23. Nobody to Love (Workout Mix)
24. Get Lucky (Originally Recorded by Daft Punk; Karaoke Version)
25. Moves Like Jagger (Workout Mix)
26. Sweet Nothing (Workout Mix)
27. Drinking from the Bottle (Originally Recorded by Calvin Harris Feat. Tinie Tempah; Karaoke Version)
28. Summer (Originally Recorded by Calvin Harris; Karaoke Version)
29. Happy (Originally Recorded by Pharrell Williams; Karaoke Version)
30. Roar (Originally Recorded by Katy Perry; Karaoke Version)
31. No 1 Fitness Chart Hits Remixed 1 Hour Continuous Mix




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